About Us
Since 1996 Digicom is the only company that upgrades "Your old and weak" computer, with opportunity for full replacement for a new one by using the "Old for new" principal.

We also service computer equipment on a very high professional level with high percentage of success.

Digicom offers complete networks and additional equipment from projecting, selling, installing to maintenance.

Computer engineering, service and trading by using the "key on hand" system is the slogan of our business: "Digicom - YOUR COMPLETE COMPUTER SOURCE!"

Behind all this, there is a team that can manufacture EVERYTHING measured by your request and we can maintain and improve what you already have!

Digicom has very long list of references and cooperatives and you can feel free to ask for it! Thanks for the trust and cooperation!

Digicom is your complete computer source for more than 22 years of quality service!