Digicom Computers has an expert team that can service all types of computer systems independent of date of production.
Digicom Computers also has cooperatives for service of printers, scanners, monitors and other periphery devices.
Digicom Computers always has reserve of components for older types of computers, which guaranties successful service of all types of computer systems.
Digicom Computers service works Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 17:00h and Saturday from 09:00 until 14:00h.
Standard servicing period is 3 days and by announcement and previous arrangement this period can be only 1 day.
Digicom computers professional team offers you next advices for maintenance of your computer:
- Keep away from water or other liquids
- Not to be serviced by unprofessional
- Power should be implemented through voltage protector. If it is possible, power should be stabilized through UPS
- Turning on and off the computer should be conducted according to standard procedures
- Frequent scanning and defragmenting of the hard disk drive (once a month)
- Frequent check of the coolers, for Intel processors once a year, for AMD processors once in six months
- Computer should be serviced/checked by a professional at least once a year
- Professional should be consulted if strange noise appears from the case of the computer
- Frequent updates of antivirus software
- Regular update of the Operative System, applications and specially Internet Explorer or other browser
- Careful browsing over the internet
- Regular backup of data on special medium, which should be stored on safe place